Podcast: Gamers On The Go #26 | SteamWorld Dig

Back from the holidays, we’re starting 2014 right with CEO of Swedish developer Image & Form, Brjann Sigurgeirsson speaking with us about their breakout eShop hit, SteamWorld Dig!

In addition to a fair amount of talk about the mining platforming adventure, we talk about the studio’s early days of “edutainment” games and how they’ve transitioned to original IPs. We also discuss what drew them to developing games for Nintendo handhelds as well as what Image & Form might be up to in the very near future.

Show Notes:

  • While we’re understandably a little biased towards the handheld version of SteamWorld Dig, the Steam version is worth a look and works on Windows, Mac and Linux!
  • To see some of Image & Form’s earlier work, check out their game Anthill on iOS.