Podcast: Gamers On The Go #29 | Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

Former Bitmob community writer, current Destructoid community writer and fellow pokemaniac Marcel Hoang makes his Gamers on the Go debut to discuss Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, the beginning of the third generation of Pokemon games and a refresh of the popular series. 

Marcel lends his considerable knowledge about competitive Pokemon play, offering a stark contrast to Chase’s “catch ‘em all” attitude.

Sorry about some of the audio issues present in this episode. There was some echo we just couldn’t quite kill. Also, we tried upping the bitrate a little for this episode. Hopefully, we can put it all together in future episodes.

Show Notes:

  • To read Marcel’s full write up on Ruby & Sapphire’s metagame, you can find it on GamesBeat here.
  • Pokemon commercials are always fun. Watch them all at these three links.