Futurama POP! Vinyl Review

Who else here is a Futrama fan?! I know I am. It’s been one of my favorite cartoon series for years. Somehow, I liked it more than The Simpsons. Yes, I said it and will probably receive hate mail for it. But no matter, this isn’t about the show itself, but about the Pops! I recently added the whole line up to my collection (got them very reasonably off Ebay for anyone who’s looking for them).


These Pops almost seem the most fun out of all the ones I have. Let’s break each one of them down:

1. Fry – I think what he’s most noticed for his is hair flip in the front and his red jacket. Both details present and accounted for. However, he seems so basic. Nothing TOO special about his detail.

2. Bender – Bender is great! Oh Oh oh OH Bender is great! Admit it, you sang it because he does. I like that they gave his eyes a little attitude, as he’s always made in the funniest ways and wants to kill all humans. Plus, the beer bottle is a nice touch. If you watch the show, then you’re aware robots need alcohol to sustain life (don’t we need the same thing as humans to sustain sanity while in the work force?).

3. Leela – Not an Alien! She’s a mutant! Remember?! Anyway, has her signature white tank top, purple hair and big boots. However, just like Bender, she also has her one eye in a position that shows she’s not amused with your antics.

4. Robot Devil – One of my favorite characters. He’s supposed to be evil, yet Funko put the grin on his face. I think that’s the best feature on this one. He’s one of the happiest, evil characters I’ve ever seen!

I really love the details that go into Funko as a whole. Hopefully they do more of the Futurama characters. Frankly, I’d like aFunko Pop of Scruffy The Janitor. What do you think? Who from Futurama would YOU like to see?! Don’t forget to add me on Instagram - @lorneondrums – for more Funko fun!