Report: Affleck Will Write, Direct and Star in Stand-Alone 'Batman' Movie



If you're not down with Batfleck, it's going to be a long ride, bat-fans. Deadline reports that Ben Affleck will co-write, direct and, of course, star in the next stand-alone Batman movie. 

Affleck will reportedly team up with Geoff Johns, DC Comics' chief creative officer, to write the script. Johns is a DC legend at this point, having written for many of the company's premiere titles (Batman included) as well as writing for TV's SmallvilleArrowThe Flash and the new Supergirl

The next Batman stand-alone film is a long ways off, though. First, Batfleck will make his debut in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in early 2016 and will later appear in Justice League in 2017. 

Affleck is also set to start production on his next directorial project this November, an adaptation of the Prohibition-era crime novel Live By Night, set in Tampa's Ybor City neighborhood.

Look for more Batman news to come out of Comic Con in San Diego this week, where Affleck is expected to make an appearance. 

Jurassic World: Info & Brief NON-Spoiler Recap


Tonight the family got together to go see Jurassic World. Warrenton 8 Cinema and others theaters had early screenings tonight, Thursday the 11th. If you have read my latest post about Jurassic World you'll remember I was nervous about this movies advertising push would outweigh the movie. This was definitely not the case. 


First off this is a NON-Spoiler review which means I'll be brief and vague until my full review within the next day or two.

Let it be known that Isla Nublar and Jurassic World have been up and running per the original dream of John Hammond. Jurassic World although thriving with 20,000 plus visitors in attendance while we watch the movie, cost of operations are rising. So they need to reinvigorate the park thus the hybrid Indominus Rex was created. 

Jurassic World was very stunning and quoting John Hammond they "Spared no expense" with this park. If you're familiar with the first three installments of the Jurassic Park movies then you know every one of them start off with those "Oh Ah" Dr. Malcom moments. They never end the way it begins. This movie is no different. In the beginning they state that they want a Bigger, Louder dinosaur with more teeth. They sure got it with Indominus Rex. 

All I'll say is that you have to have this movie on the "To See" list for this weekend and if you're busy this weekend make sure you get there next week. VeganVixen I'm talking to you! When you do go see it make sure to let us know what you thought! 

Make sure to check back in for a full review of this movie and more later on.  

Oh and yes, Mr. DNA is back! Wait... is this a spoiler? My bad.



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   Looking for that big time movie experience with that hometown feel? Check out our sponsor  Warrenton 8 Cinema !


Looking for that big time movie experience with that hometown feel? Check out our sponsor Warrenton 8 Cinema!

Jaden Smith Confirmed As Static Shock By Tyler James Williams



During a recent interview, actor Tyler James Williams (The Walking Dead, Everybody Hates Chris) pointed out that "there aren't a lot of young, black superheroes." Two people in the background can be heard shouting to him "Static Shock" and "Spider-Man." Those suggestions elicit an interesting response from Williams.

"I don't know... What you're taking about," Williams says to Flicks And The City with a knowing smile. "But yeah no, it's great to see Static Shock is happening with Jaden."

The "Jaden" he refers to, is Will Smith's After Earth co-star and real-life son Jaden. Back in October, Smith was rumored for Static Shock, which Warner Bros. has been developing as a live-action digital series with Django Unchained producer Reginald Hudlin.

Listen to his comments starting at the 1:05 mark in the video below.

 Static Shock features the character Static, originally created in 1993 by Dwayne McDuffie, Robert L. Washington III, and John Paul Leon for Milestone Comics, the short-lived DC Comics imprint meant to increase representation of African-American creators and characters. Static, whose real name is Virgil Hawkins, possesses electricity-based powers.

Would you like to see Jaden play Static Shock?

This Week in Theaters

It's Friday and that means its time to decide what movies you'll see this weekend! 


Playing this week at Warrenton 8 Cinema


Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2


Cast: Kevin James, Raini Rodriguez, Neal McDonough, Shirley Knight

Director: Andy Fickman

Screenplay: Nick Bakay, Kevin James

Running Time: 94


In this sequel, in which Kevin James reprises the role of Paul Blart, the security guard is headed to Las Vegas to attend a Security Guard Expo with his teenage daughter Maya (Raini Rodriguez) before she departs for college. While at the convention, he inadvertently discovers a heist—and it’s up to Blart to apprehend the criminals.


Out in limited theaters: Unfriended

Ever seen a viral video? Find out the aftermath of one of those viral videos when a young lady takes her life after an embarassing video is seen by everyone. What happens next is someone or something seeking revenge on the only people that had acess to that video and who could have shared it. 

Catch both Unfriended and Mall Cop 2 in a theater near you. Unfriended is on a limited theater release so make sure to check your local theaters listings. 

Also, we wanted to once again thank TJ, Stacey and the entire staff at Warrenton 8 Cinema for everything they do for Without them we wouldn't be bringing you different movie reviews! Thanks! 

New Maggie Poster Shows Arnold Protecting His Zombie Daughter



A new poster has been released for the zombie-drama Maggie, which features the film's stars Arnold Schwarzenegger (Twins) and Abigail Breslin (Zombieland).

Arnold Schwarzenegger has tackled many genres during his long and illustrious career, like action, fantasy and comedy, but drama is not one of his strengths. Will that change once people see him in Maggie? He plays a father that is trying his best to protect his infected daughter (Breslin) during a zombie epidemic.

Maggie was directed by Henry Hobson, based on a screenplay by John Scott 3 (3?!). It also stars Joely Richardson, Laura Cayouette, and Dana Gourrier, check out the trailer below.

Check out the new poster below.


Furious 7 Opening Weekend Box Office Revised Up To $146.5 Million



Yesterday, box office analyst believed Furious 7 had earned $143.6M at the North American box office, but that number came in short of what it actually pulled in.

Furious 7 grossed an astounding $146.5M at the domestic box office. Easter Sunday was stronger for the action-packed flick than expected. Analysts had predicted the film would pull in $30M on Sunday but instead it raked in a cool $32.9M.

Overall, Universal has to be super-pleased as the film shattered box office records left and right and put itself among the top ten in a lot of key categories. Furious 7 had the ninth best stateside opening weekend; 4th best global opening weekend and the best ever opening for a film in the month of April. 

Not bad for a film that had to deal with one of its stars dying in the middle of production.

New Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Poster Released



Bros. has released a new poster for George Miller's upcoming post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max: Fury Road.

Stars Charlize Theron (The Italian Job) and Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) look upon the danger that is right in front of them in a new Mad Max: Fury Road poster. It comes with this ominous message: "In a world without hope, without law, without mercy, who will survive?"

Check out the full-poster below.


Deadpool Leaps Into Action In New Thrilling Set Videos



More fantastic videos featuring Deadpool running around on the set of Tim Miller's superhero film have surfaced online.

From today to April 16, Vancouver's Georgia Viaduct will be seeing a lot of action as Deadpool films scenes there. It will cause traffic headaches for commuters in the area, but getting to see Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) run around dressed as The Merc With A Mouth carrying his swords and guns might ease their pain a bit.

Check out the Deadpool set videos below.

'Tron 3' Gains Title



Following a report that director Joseph Kosinski will return to the “Tron” franchiseProduction Weeklytweeted out a potential title for the film: “Tron 3: Ascention.”

The earlier report also claimed that Garrett Hedlund will also return to reprise the role of Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn, though there’s no word on whether original star Jeff Bridges will reprise his roles as Flynn and Clu. Kosinski’s past credits include “Tron: Legacy” and “Oblivion.”

“Tron 3″ will begin filming in Vancouver on October 5, 2015.

Joseph Kosinski’s TRON: ASCENSION is planning to film in Vancouver from Early-October 2015 thru February 2016.

— Production Weekly (@prodweek) March 30, 2015