Figures Toy Company to release reproduction of Mego Batcave



No, this isn’t a belated April Fools’ Day joke, Figures Toy Company plans to release reproductions of not only Mego’s Batcave playset but also Aquaman vs. The Great White Shark.

They were originally released in the early 1970s as part of Mego’s World’s Great Super Heroes line of 8-inch dolls (excuse me, action figures). While I can recall desperately wanting the Batcave for Christmas one year — my brother and I had several of the DC and Marvel characters* — I can’t remember the Aquaman/shark set. But, hey, it’s a shark. What kid wouldn’t want that?

The Batcave playset comes with a flashing battery-operated Basignal, Batpole, Batcomputer and secret entrance. As the box clearly states, however, “Doll Figures Not Included’ (True story: Mego repurposed the Batcave for its Planet of the Apes Village Playset). Aquaman vs. The Great White Shark includes, well, Aquaman and the shark.

No details about price or release date have been revealed, but both sets are expected to arrive later this year.

* Their gloves, which we lost with regularity (they simply refused to stay on), haunted our house for years, long after the dolls were gone.