Game of the Week | Stack


Developer:  Ketchap

Publisher:  Ketchap

Size:  54.7MB

Release Date:  February 17th 2016


Stack is one of those simple yet frustrating games, kind of like Flappy Bird was that makes you want to throw your phone through the wall! All you do is stack the blocks up and up and up they go to get to your highest total! The goal is simply get as many blocks as you can then keep on playing this addictive game til you beat your previous high score! Below are a few of the Positives & Negatives about the game.




- F2P and the only thing I've noticed is a few ads, so it's actually Free! 

- Quick and easy gameplay, need to fill a 5 minute void? This will do the trick.


- You can only stack so much before you move on to something else

- Hole in my wall due to stacking frustration


So what do you think? What's your high score in Stack?