Insurgent: From the Divergent Series


Insurgent, from the Divergent Series, headlines this weeks movie releases. Warrenton 8 Cinema did an early release last night for those wanting to be the first to see the 2nd installment from the Divergent series.

Brief Overview:

Picking up from the first movie you find Four, Tris, Peter and Caleb on the run from Jeanine. During their hiding and eventual return to the city, Tris and Four fight both physical and emotional battles along the way. Peter describes Tris to a T when he says "You can take the girl out of Abnegation but you can't take the Abnegation out of the girl." Tris puts herself in situations throughout the movie that other members of different factions would not have done to try and protect those around her. Jeanine, not only wanting to find Tris and Four she is out once again to locate and bring in all Divergent's because they hold the key to opening a box that the Founders left behind with an important message. What is in the box?

To find out what message the box holds go check out Insurgent in a theater near you.


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Thanks again to TJ, Stacey and the entire Staff at Warrenton 8 Cinema


Posted by: Joe