Black Superman Suit?


I sent this out to the writers of to get their thoughts on the picture Henry Cavill shared. Here is what they had to say:


"It's the black suit. I'm excited to see it. But remember, we did get a little glimpse of Superman in a black suit in Man of Steel. So we kinda already know what it will look like. Either way, Superman in a black suit, with longer hair and a beard??? This bearded nerd approves!"


"Long hair and bearded? Meow!"


"I'm not much of a Superman fan but I always knew he wanted to be like Batman! No but seriously it will look awesome."


"Technically it's fine. But I more so have an issue with putting it out there that he will be in a movie in this suit. When he is supposed to be dead. I want them to keep it a secret as long as they can. We are like over a year out from the movie and we are already getting major plot points. To me it shows DC's desperateness to get its fans back and excited about the future. After they just had two not so good movies (I know some loved them and that's fine) but overwhelmingly people will say they're not the best movies in the world. DC needs home runs right now, not base hits."

Here is the first time we saw the black superman suit that Dustin was referring to.