Game of the Week: Heads Up (mobile)


Tired of other party games and looking for something new to try? Give Heads Up a go and you'll be glad that you did. This game has been out for a couple of years now and was created by the TV personality Ellen. We have played this at numerous family get togethers and parties, this game definitly helped liven up the party!  Let's get into the Positives and Negatives.



- Cheap Entertainment: for just $.99 you can get this app and have hours of fun with family and friends

- Numerous Categories: some categories have to be puchased but it does come with a few starter packs

- Simple Concept: very easy for anyone to understand this game

- Video Playback: while guessing the answer the person is also recording those who are trying to get you to answer correctly. These turn out quite funny



- Freemium: this app provides in-app purchases

- Starter Packs: these packs are fun but to get the good packs you have to shell out $.99 for each additional pack you want  

- Video Playback: doesn't always capture the group so you can miss out on some hilarious moments


If you're looking for something to do with a group of friends I recommend you give this game a try. Many funny moments come about dring your time playing which you have the opportunity to record, save and share with everyone! If you're still not sure check out this hilarious gameplay from the SourceFed crew!




Posted by: Joe