Artist of the Month: BlairE from St. Louis

This month we wanted to start a series called "Artist of the Month!" I thought who better than someone that I have been following on Instagram since I started not only because of her art but because of her great feed. Another plus is that not only do I follow her but I am a customer as well, bought myself a Zombie watercolor! Let's get right into it shall we?


"I'm Blaire and the mother of two amazing kiddos. Tate Marley and Fiona Quinn. I was born, raised and still living in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

I started drawing at a very young age. My lover for art came from my dad and grandmother. My grandmother (who has her 100th birthday approaching this year) is an incredible painter although due to her eyesight she is unable to paint any longer. My dad has always been an artist as well. From photography back in the day to a graphic designer currently. I would say my dad has been my biggest inspiration for drawing and painting.

My favorite medium is watercolor. My favorite subjects are Superheroes. My love of comics and "nerdyness" is obvious from my collection of comic books, my Walking Dead figures and the decor in my house which I usually refer to as a geek museum."

The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead!

Coolest bedroom ever!

Coolest bedroom ever!

Check out blaire on her social media as well as her etsy store!

I just wanted to thank Blaire for allowing us to share her bio and some of her pieces of art with you all. We hope you all enjoy her work just as much as we do here at Make sure you go show her some love on Instagram and if you want some of her work check out her store in the link above!


Also, if you are interested in being featured as "Artist of the Month" shoot me an email at that way we can get something together for you! Thanks!



Posted by: Joe